Academic Affairs and Research

1) What are the guidelines for ownership of intellectual property?

UF’s Intellectual Property Policy is outlined:

The UF Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) will:

  • Work with researchers to assist in protecting their intellectual property;
  • Work with inventors to facilitate the transfer of technologies created at UF to the commercial sector for public benefit; and
  • Assist employees with new and useful research including its potential to be patented or copyrighted.

2) What if a faculty member is accused of research dishonesty?

All complaints involving academic dishonesty are governed by Regulation 6C1-1.0101: and are processed through the office of the Vice President for Research. Chairs may receive reports or allegations of research misconduct, in which case the dean or director of the college or school should be informed in writing about the complaint, with a copy to the VP for Research.

3) What are the chair’s responsibilities related to contract compliance?

As noted in Section (1) above, chairs have oversight for all contracts and grants managed by departmental faculty. While the faculty PI is ultimately responsible for meeting all federal, state, and/or other requirements of the granting or contracting agency, the chair should be aware of activities related to contracts and grants being managed by departmental faculty and/or staff. A chair who is aware of any irregularities in the management of a contract or grant is obligated to report that information to the dean.

4) What resources are available to faculty to help them manage research grants and contracts?

The Office of Research provides training and other information for faculty in managing contracts and grants. Any faculty who manage contracts and grants must successfully complete mandatory training provided by OR: