Student Affairs

1) What is the process when a student wants to appeal a grade?

The university does not have a formal grade appeal process. However, as is the case with any class-related issues, the student should first request a meeting to discuss the grade with the course instructor. The student may then appeal a grade change to the chair. Students may also take advantage of the University Ombuds without first going to the instructor or chair.

The chair may discuss the grade change with the faculty member and make a recommendation. However, the instructor is responsible for making any grade changes.

If departmental discussion does not resolve the issue, the student should be referred to the appropriate college associate dean or the University Ombuds:

2) What are a chair’s responsibilities regarding disabled students?

Chairs should be familiar with UF policies regarding disabled students and course accommodation, and provide guidance to faculty and students on how to appropriately handle accommodations.

Reasonable accommodations are established by the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Students with disabilities are issued accommodation letters which specify their needs; students are responsible for providing the letters to faculty.

Upon receipt of an accommodation letter, a faculty member is responsible for reviewing the information in the letter and providing the requested accommodation(s). Faculty should not provide accommodations under ADA without guidance from a letter issued by the DRC.

For questions or concerns about the information contained in the letter, faculty should contact the DRC:  See also, the ADA Faculty Guide:

3) Does the University have a code of conduct or guidelines for disciplining students?

Yes.  The Student Honor Code and Student Conduct Code are available on the Dean of Students site: as well as on the UF Regulations site:

4) What must be done if a student is accused of cheating?

The Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution in the Dean of Students Office provides a checklist for faculty in handling Honor Code violations:

For questions regarding the conduct process, contact Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution at: 392-1261, ext.207.

5) What are the important issues related to students and privacy?

See Section on Privacy and Security.